Commercial Powder and Liquid Detergent Systems

Refresh™ Laundry imports a range of commercial powder and liquid detergent systems and, unlike most dry cleaners in South Africa, we are totally averse to using the liquid solvent ‘PERC’ for personal garment care. In addition to damaging fabrics and leaving a bad odour, PERC is also highly toxic to the environment and has been identified as a carcinogen.

Proudly, we offer all our clients environmentally-friendly cleaning systems and products. All solvents, powders and liquid detergents are imported from the internationally-renowned Kreussler group, leaders in textile care since 1912.

We stock the following Kreussler detergents and solvents:


SYSTEMK4 is an eco-friendly dry-cleaning system designed in such a way that, when properly used, does not pose a risk to air, water, human beings and soil.

It is made up of four components, as follows:

  • SOLVONK4: A halogen-free, biodegradable solvent with an excellent cleaning performance that enables businesses to offer a first-rate, eco-friendly cleaning service.
  • PRENETTK4: A highly-effective brushing agent that reliably removes soil such as collar or cuff dirt whilst protecting delicate textiles. Refresh Laundry also stocks the tried and tested spotting agents Prenett A, B and C.
  • CLIPK4: A highly-concentrated dry-cleaning detergent distinguished by its excellent cleaning performance and hygienic freshness.
  • VINOYK4: A water and stain repellent agent which ensures that materials receive excellent spot protection and water repellence


LANADOL is awater-based cleaning system providing the most environmentally-friendly kind of textile care. It is the perfect solution for sensitive materials such as wool, silk or cashmere, or sophisticated and elaborate clothing such as blazers or wedding dresses which require special care.

We stock the following LANADOL products:

  • LANADOL AVANT: A pre-brushing agent for the manual treatment of extreme dirt and stains.
  • LANADOL AKTIV: The actual wet cleaning product for the gentle care of sensitive textiles.
  • LANADOL Xpress: The ‘dry to dry’ wet cleaning process for less sensitive textiles which requires little or no pre-brushing.
  • LANADOL APRET: Which protects the fibres of sensitive materials during the drying process.
  • LANADOL LICKER: Especially for the wet cleaning of leather to ensure its original suppleness and rich, deep colour.


The umbrella brand DERVAL includes a liquid range of detergents and detergency boosters – all of which are highly-efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly.

We stock the following DERVAL products:

  • DERVAL SOLO: A liquid one-shot detergent concentrate for white and coloured cottons and mixed fibres; boasting an outstanding removal of oil, fat and soiling and optimal protection from greying.
  • DERVAL PROTECT: A wash-power booster which offers efficient stain removal on cotton, synthetics and blended technical fabrics.
  • And other DERVAL products


OTTALIN is the range of laundry auxiliary agents for bleaching and disinfecting, complexing water hardness, removing smells from textiles, reducing oxygen for the further use of the service water, auxiliary agents for giving the laundry a skin-friendly pH value but also laundry posttreatment agents.

We stock the following OTTALIN products:

  • OTTALIN SOFT: A fabric softener with antistatic properties that gives textiles a pleasantly soft feel and fresh scent. It also ensures easier unloading and ironing.
  • OTTALIN ODX: Removes unpleasant smells from textiles, carpets and curtains. It is recommended for washing textiles from nursing homes, work wear, sportswear and protective wear for removing bad smells.

OTTALIN ODX can also be used for refurbishing textiles after damage caused by flood or fire; smoke odour is eliminated or completely reduced. It is a particularly good product which dry cleaners can use to create a ‘niche’ market contracting to insurance companies, particularly for clothing from fire-damaged properties.

Smoke damage leaves a particularly nasty odour on garments, linen, curtains, etc. which normal washing generally will not remove completely, even with the addition of fabric softeners in the final rinse.


TREBON PLUS is a super-concentrated, heavy-duty powder detergent, particularly suited for white textiles. It is easy to use and can safely be applied in hard and soft water at 30, 40, 60 and 90OC respectively.

In addition to being environmentally-friendly, it is very economical in dosage. For example, 5kg of Trebon PLUS can clean up to 100 washing machine loads of 5kg weight.

Due to its gentle bleaching or disinfection properties*, it is well suited for use in laundries at:

  • Bed and breakfasts, lodges, guest houses and hotels
  • Frail care facilities or old age homes
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Boarding hostels
  • As well as domestic or personal use

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