Refreshâ„¢ Laundry Suppliers

Refresh™ Laundry proudly distributes a range of high-quality laundry and dry-cleaning machinery, detergents and solvents. Our international suppliers include:


domusDOMUS are specialists in industrial laundry equipment, offering complete solutions for the washing-drying-ironing-finishing of laundry since 1922.

At Refresh™ Laundry, it is of utmost importance to partner with environmentally-conscious suppliers like DOMUS, who are committed to achieving energy and water savings through constant innovation in the design and manufacturing processes of their machines.

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maestrelliEstablished in 1935, Maestrelli is one the most important producers in the dry-cleaning sector, widely known for their high-quality standards, cutting-edge technology and solidity of their machines.

In addition to dry cleaning machines, Maestrelli’s product offerings extend from washing machines and dryers to washer extractors, hydroextractors and ironing tables.

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FimasSince their establishment in 1986, Fimas has become a leading trademark within the laundry industry, capable of satisfying many different working realities from small laundry shops to large factories.

Their wide range of high quality and flexibility machinery includes steaming cabinets, ironing tables, spotting and pressing machines to name a few.

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kreusslerKreussler manufacture a wide range of powder and liquid detergent systems for use in small laundrettes, commercial laundries and dry cleaners, as well as large high volume industrial laundries.

With more than 100 years of experience, they concentrate on manufacturing eco-friendly, market-oriented solutions that present economic advantages for our clients.


Refresh™ Laundry stocks a variety of detergents and solvents within Kreussler’s product range, including:

  • SYSTEMK4: An eco-friendly dry-cleaning solvent system for commercial textile care;
  • LANADOL: An eco-friendly water-based cleaning systemfor sensitive or sophisticated textiles;
  • DERVAL: A liquid range of detergents and detergency boosters;
  • OTTALIN SOFT: A fabric softener with antistatic properties;
  • OTTALIN ODX: A particularly good product for the removal of unpleasant smells from textiles, carpets and curtains;
  • ESDOGEN system: For continuous batch (tunnel) washing machines; and
  • Trebon PLUS: A heavy-duty powder detergent particularly suited to white textiles.

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